How would your classroom or school be different if:

  • Teachers and leaders were more mindful of the beliefs that influence their outcomes?

  • Teachers and leaders were more aware of how they subtly communicate these beliefs?

  • Teachers and leaders were more mindful of the energy they bring to their roles?

  • Students were surrounded by more positive energy and high expectations every day?

Bring Purposeful Principals to your school, district or organization to help your leaders work with more energy, resilience and passion.

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  • A Reflection on Parkland

    On February 15, I walked into my school, saw my perfectly planned lessons, and thought about my first period seniors who would be walking into the room soon and the sophomores I would see later.

  • For the Young Ones

    My daughter was born early and small, but she always had this powerful presence. When the nurse wrapped her up and handed her to me, she looked like she was smiling. Her dad and I used to worry because she never cried. Twenty years later, she is still always smiling. And she is still that small but fierce girl trying to figure out this big world.

  • Kindness is the How

    American culture is divided. This is not a secret; as educators, though we can see the division in every aspect of our society, we especially notice in education. And our students are divided as well.