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We were two principals with big ideas. We knew some things needed to change in education, and we knew that we wanted to play a part in changing things for the better. When we began our principalships at diverse elementary schools in one of the nation’s largest school districts, we quickly realized that we were facing big challenges. Our students were rapidly growing in number and changing in demographics, but we were still trying to use the same old strategies. It was clear that we needed to serve our students differently. And it was clear that we couldn’t inspire that kind of change unless we changed ourselves. If you are reading this, then you can probably relate to our struggles. Maybe you are feeling worn out, frustrated or just plagued by that nagging feeling that you could be doing better. Maybe you are struggling to reach one student or struggling to teach one hundred.

The two of us are braver and wiser together than either of us is on our own. And so, we became partners on a journey to improve ourselves and improve our schools. Our collaboration energizes our work, and we hope that it will bring you a boost as well. Our mission is to help our fellow educators teach and lead with more peace, hope and purpose. Through our writing, speaking and coaching, we focus on changing limiting patterns into empowering practices. As educators, we have undeniable impact, but not if we are depleted, drained and just plain worn out. Let’s work together to make things better for our students and for each other. Check out our book, blog and videos. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #UnmappedEd. Become a map changer, and change your own corner of the world.

Catherine "Missy" Lennard has over twenty years of experience as an educator and over 15 years as an elementary school administrator. Missy has served as a principal for most of her career and still leads the school she opened in 2009. Missy has mentored many aspiring and early career administrators, and she is a Lead Principal in her district. She is passionate about empowering teachers and growing positive school cultures.

Missy Lennard
Purposeful Principals

Julie Hasson is an author, speaker, professor and recovering school principal. When she is not writing, collaborating and conspiring with her Purposeful Principals partner, Julie teaches and mentors graduate students and preservice teachers. Julie was a school administrator for ten years before becoming a professor and coordinator of the Educational Leadership Program in the School of Education at Florida Southern College. Julie earned her doctorate at the University of South Florida in 2011.

Dr. Julie Hasson
Purposeful Principals