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Purposeful Principals inspires and motivates school leaders through speaking, writing, coaching and consulting. We believe that passion and purpose are the keys to successful school leadership, and both passion and purpose must be nurtured daily. We believe that the energy brought into the school by the leader directly impacts the entire school community. Therefore, we focus on the development of the leader’s mental and emotional agility needed to thrive in the role.

Julie Hasson
Missy Lennard

Purposeful Principals
“Leading with Peace, Hope & Purpose”
- Purposeful Principals

Speaking Engagements

  • June 14-15, 2016
    FASA Conference
  • July 6-8, 2016
    NAESP Conference

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  • Seize the Day

    There is one essential question that you need to ask each morning, “Am I going to seize the day or merely accept what comes?” Frankly, there are only two ways to approach the day ahead. One is to actively pursue your goals and dreams. The other is to passively receive whatever the day brings.

  • Prospecting for Potential

    One thing is certain when it comes to your students – what you look for, you will find. If you look for problems and deficits, you will find them. If you look for gifts and strengths, you will find them.

  • Guest Blog by Laura Estes-Swilley

    Guest Blogger, Laura Estes-Swilley, reflects on school culture from a teacher's perspective: A school’s culture is the intangible form of its community. It is the wafting aura that many schools are struggling to clean in today’s complex education system.